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10 Estate Planning Tips to avoid Inheritance Nightmares.
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Probate & Trust Administration

This area of the law typically involves the transfer of assets to heirs of an estate or beneficiaries of a trust. In most situations I represent the personal representative (previously called an executor or administrator) of an estate or the trustee of a trust. Both the personal representative and trustee have significant responsibilities.

It is my responsibility to advise clients about their legal responsibilities to all parties, prepare the necessary court documents that seek the desired court orders and to keep an open line of communication with all potential beneficiaries.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you on an estate or trust matter.

From Our Clients

Nick is a caring and thorough lawyer that you can trust. In his unhurried way, he gives you the information you don’t even know you need to consider. He gives you time to think and helps you understand before making any decisions. In short, just the person you want to guide you when estate planning. You know he will be there to support you and your family as the years go by.

~ The King Family

Dear Nick: I cannot thank you enough for all of your help getting MassHealth for my mother. I would have never gotten her approved without your advice. You are a terrific elder law attorney and I will highly recommend you to people. Thank you again.

~ Reading, MA client

We had an excellent experience with Nick discussing what we thought we needed, then he helped us determine what else we might need and put all the documents together. He asked all the right questions and we are so grateful to know that our “affairs” are in order. Nick and his team are very thorough.

~ The Miller Family

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